40 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Winter, Snow and Ice

Winter is a magical season filled with sparkling snow, twinkling icicles, and cozy celebrations. If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy during this frosty time of year, why not honor winter’s icy beauty by choosing a baby name that captures its wonder? From classic picks to unique gems, these 40 baby boy names inspired by winter, snow, and ice are sure to melt your heart.

The Meaning and Origins of Winter Baby Names 

Names related to winter have grown increasingly popular in recent years as parents seek monikers with meaning and ties to nature’s majesty. Many winter baby names draw inspiration from specific winter elements like snow, frost, or evergreen trees. Others evoke the season’s spirit through religious or mythological connections. 

Baby names rooted in diverse cultures and languages like Sanskrit, Chinese, Welsh, and Hebrew abound on this list, reflecting winter’s global enchantment. Whether you want an ultra-rare pick or a familiar favorite with a chilly twist, you’ll find the perfect winter-inspired name here.

Top 40 Baby Boy Names Meaning Winter, Snow or Ice

1. Aspen

Aspen is a gorgeous tree name referencing the iconic quaking aspen, whose golden foliage pops against the pristine winter landscape. It’s an earthy yet contemporary choice for parents who love the great outdoors.

2. Arjun

In Sanskrit, Arjun means “bright and shining white” like fresh-fallen snow blanketing the ground. This strong yet poetic name belongs to a hero in the revered Hindu epic Mahabharata.

3. Aster

Though technically derived from the Greek word for “star,” Aster’s snowy white color connects it to winter. It’s a unisex darling perfect for Christmas babies or little ones born under shimmering nighttime skies.

4. Aubin 

Classic French name Aubin equates to “blonde,” perhaps evoking visions of a towheaded tot playing in the snow. It’s rare but accessible—an ideal winter baby name.

5. Ailbe

For lovers of Irish names, Ailbe (pronounced AWL-veh) means “white” in the Celtic language. The name’s rarity and bright meaning give it crisp, cool appeal for winter babies. The adorable nickname Alby sweetens the deal.

6. Blaze

Bold Blaze connects to winter in two ways: it can mean “snowstorm” or simply reference the cozy blaze of a fireplace or crackling fire pit. Either meaning makes Blaze a memorable and fiery choice.

7. Bodhi

Buddhist name Bodhi signifies awakening or enlightenment, capturing the deep sense of awe and renewal often associated with winter’s first snowfall. Its spiritual, nature-centric meaning adds extra depth.

8. Christian

The quintessential Christmas name, Christian honors both Jesus as well as the broader Christian celebration of his birth in wintertime. Time-honored but not too common, it’s a wonderful seasonal pick.  

9. Colden

OK, so Colden is a bit of a stretch when it comes to “meaning” winter—but you can’t deny the wintery appeal of an old English name containing the word “cold!” This unique option has rugged, snowcapped vibes.

10. Crispin

A variation of Christopher, Crispin has been linked to words meaning “curly-haired”—perhaps envisioning a cherub-cheeked, curly-topped tot playing in the snow? This wintertime classic has an undeniable nostalgic charm.

11. Cypress 

The cypress tree’s hardy resilience and verdant boughs fill winter landscapes with life even in the coldest months. It makes an amazing nature name for parents seeking a strong winter option with rich symbolic meaning.

12. Dong

Meaning “winter” in Chinese, Dong is a crisp, quirky choice with heaps of seasonal spirit. Though rare in Western naming, it offers surprising global appeal packed into one chilly syllable.

13. Douglas

For fans of Christmas trees, Douglas claims association as a fir tree varietal frequently used for festive evergreens. This dignified Scottish classic feels right at home on a December-born son.

14. Eirwen

Few winter baby names capture the season’s icy hues better than Eirwen, a Welsh wonder meaning “white as snow.” Its ancient feel and lilting sound evoke frosty yet cozy cottage charm.

15. Frost

Frosty, festive, and to-the-point, Frost is the ultimate unambiguous winter name. This frosty ’80s favorite works fabulously for babies born on crisp, glittering mornings or chilly winter nights.

16. Gabriel

In Hebrew lore, the angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary—making him forever intertwined with Christmas and winter’s most sacred holiday. Meaning “God is my strength,” Gabriel has timeless grandeur and spiritual significance.

17. Gwenyth

Like several choices here, the super-wintry Welsh name Gwenyth equates to “fair or white“—perfectly encapsulating the pale, crystalline tones of freshly fallen powder. Its soft, feminine sound counterbalances the stark seasonal tie.

18. January 

A variation of Janus, the Roman god of transitions (including winter), January brands winter babies with unmistakable seasonal authenticity. Its on-the-nose meaning supplies built-in opportunities for sweet nicknaming.

19. Jack

Jack may honor the classic figure of “Jack Frost,” the personification of winter’s freezing temps and crystalline frosts. The name’s “God is gracious” meaning and timeless charm give added appeal.

20. Jasper

Jasper, from the Persian for “bringer of treasure,” imbues an earthy, jewel-toned winter elegance for seasonal babies. It’s posh and unique yet surprisingly versatile for most any family.

21. Jonas 

Jonah’s Greek form Jonas connects to “dove,” a white, feathery symbol of love and peace evoking winter’s tranquil purity. As a biblical name with ties to Christmas, too, Jonas layers on rich cultural resonance.  

22. Kari

The Turkish word “kari” literally denotes “covered with snow,” offering explicit winter appeal. Add in its modern but grounded two-syllable sound and global exoticism, and Kari shapes up as a cool seasonal pick.  

23. Lixue

Literally “pretty snow” in Chinese, Lixue may just be winter’s loveliest all-encompassing baby boy name. Its lush, lyrical vibe belies the chilly conditions of its meaning, capturing winter’s paradoxical beauty.

24. Laban

An unusual Hebrew gem, Laban translates to “light” yet has ties to snow through its Old Testament origins and historical Puritan usage. Spare yet evocative, it’s perfect for families fond of offbeat winter names.   

25. Nevada

Nevada is the blissfully wintry Spanish word translating to “snowclad,” which nails its seasonal credentials. This U.S. place name offers familiarity and Southwestern flair while honoring winter’s crystal-white slopes and peaks.

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26. Nicholas

As the given name of Santa Claus, Nicholas associates undeniably with Christmas—and by extension, winter. The name’s meaning of “victory of the people” suggests festive cheer and celebration. You can’t get much more classically wintry!

27. Noel 

The quintessential Christmas name (which doubles as the French word for the holiday), Noel brims with nostalgic, yuletide appeal. Its musical sound and rare spelling feel fresh yet timeless for little holiday miracles born in winter.

28. Oakley

Derived from the oak tree, Oakley invites an earthy-yet-wintry sensibility through its ties to frozen forests filled with bare oaks. Unisex and popular, it bridges seasonal and year-round crossover potential.

29. Quilo

Quilo dives into Roman mythology referencing the name of the cold winter wind. Its ancient cool-air connection and distinctive, quirky sound instill major seasonal style for the modern age.  

30. Robin

Elegance personified, Robin embodies brilliance and radiance. Much like its avian counterpart, this name exudes a sense of winter charm. However, its allure extends beyond nature, resonating deeply in pop culture as the trusted sidekick to the iconic Bat-Man.

31. Rory

Celtic classic Rory, from the name meaning “red king,” may seem an unusual winter choice until you consider rosy cheeks flushed from a playful day spent frolicking in the snow. It’s a bright, cheery pick!

32. Rudolf 

As in the red-nosed reindeer himself, Rudolf claims cozy Christmas and winter credentials in spades. Yet the name’s ultra-macho Germanic meaning of “wolf” also instills rugged, snow-capped mountain man vibes.

33. Storm

Whether you picture swirling snowstorms or the drama of thundersnow, Storm couldn’t be more emblematic of winter’s wild power. This bold meteorological name captures the beauty and intensity of nature’s frosty forces.

34. Vale

For skiers hitting the slopes, Vale pays homage to the renowned ski town of Vail. But this name’s “from the white field” meaning also conjures pristine valleys glistening with fresh powder. An adventurous winter winner!  

35. Whittaker  

The Anglo surname Whittaker roughly translates to “from the white field or patch of land.” Thanks to its pastoral winter imagery and crisp two-syllable sound, this rare gem sparkles like hoarfrost on a country morning.

36. Winnie

Literally meaning “to win or friend,” Winnie carries undeniable winter charm thanks to its similarity to the word “winter.” This vintage favorite feels cuddly and nostalgic, like snuggling up by a fire.

37. Wren

In Irish folklore, the wren symbolized good luck and magic—traits often attributed to winter’s first snowfall. As the name of a perky little avian friend, Wren brings cozy, tucked-in whimsy to seasonal babies.

38. Yas

Derived from Native American roots, Yas simply means “snow” in the most literal winter name definition. Its bold sound and striking two letters pack maximum cold punch into a stylishly smooth little word.     

39. Yukio

Meaning “snow” in Japanese, the lilting and accessible Yukio strikes a beautiful balance of exotic elegance and seasonal spirit. Its easy pronunciation welcomes cross-cultural usage for modern winter namers.  

40. Yule

This Old Norse name for the winter solstice holiday embodies the cosiness and magic of fireside celebrations during the darkest, frostiest nights. Richly historic yet friendly, Yule delights as an underused winter gem.   

The Benefits of Winter Baby Names

The Benefits of Winter Baby Names

Beyond their obvious seasonal ties, winter baby names confer many advantages over more conventional choices. They offer respite from the constant influx of newly-minted “unique” names, instead drawing from centuries of history and meaning.       

Many winter names derive from nature, mythology, or faith, connecting babies to elements beyond the typical names trending today. They reflect the timeless traditions and values associated with wintertime while embracing modernity with cool new spellings or seldom-heard global options.   

From an image perspective, winter names effortlessly convey a sense of chill beauty, resilience, and wonderment befitting their snowy inspirations. They’re perfect for parents wanting a strong, evocative name reflective of their child’s magical winter birth story.

So whether you love holly-jolly Christmas connections, wintry nature vibes, or the stunning icy imagery behind each pick, these remarkably diverse winter baby names have soul-warming potential written all over them. Let your little snowflake’s name capture the sparkling splendor of the season.

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