Privacy Policy

At familynexa, we respect your privacy. We want you to feel safe using our site. This policy explains how your data is handled.

We may collect some personal information. Like your name and email. You can browse the site anonymously too. We only use data to improve the site. And to show relevant content.

We use cookies to understand site usage. And make your experience better. You can disable cookies in your browser. Third parties provide some services. Like hosting and analytics. We make sure they are secure. They must protect your data too.

User-submitted content is public. Think twice before sharing personal details. You control what you reveal. We will never sell your data. Or use it inappropriately. It is only used to run our site. And serve you better.

Let us know if you have any privacy concerns. You have rights over your personal data. We want you to feel in control. Please read our full privacy policy. It explains your rights in detail. We value your privacy.