Firerose Age, Wiki, Real Name, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bio & More

She is a talented young singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry. With her unique voice and emotional songwriting, Firerose has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase eager to learn more about this rising star. 

Firerose first stepped into the spotlight in 2022 when she began collaborating with none other than Billy Ray Cyrus. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, leading to dating rumors and even an engagement. But how old is Firerose? What’s her background and story? Read on for a full bio exploring her age, wiki, real name, boyfriend, net worth and more.

Firerose Biography / Wiki

Not much is known about Firerose’s early life and family as she has kept those details private so far. While her birth name and age remain a mystery, some sources estimate she is likely between 26-29 years old currently. Firerose stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches but little else is known of her physical appearance or family background. 

She seems to have supportive parents but has not revealed too many personal details to the public yet. Firerose first moved to Los Angeles sometime in the mid 2010s to pursue a career in the music industry with her amazing singing voice. However, her early days struggling to break through as an artist are still shrouded in secrecy.

NameFirerose (stage name)
Birth Date1993 to 1996
AgeEstimated 26-29 years
Height5 feet 7 inches
BirthplaceSydney Australia
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBlonde
Early LifeLargely unknown, raised in supportive family
Moved to LAMid 2010s to pursue music career
Early CareerStruggled to gain traction as independent artist
CollegeNot known
HobbiesTraveling, Music
FamousGetting engaged to Billy Ray Cyrus

Firerose’s Life and Education

Firerose has yet to share specifics on her educational background or early life experiences growing up. This air of mystery around her past adds to her intrigue as an rising pop star. While few confirmed details are available, some fans speculate she may have been born in the late 1990s in or around Los Angeles, California. 

As she worked to build her singing career, Firerose likely developed her musical talents through a combination of natural vocal ability paired with training. Her emotive performance style demonstrates strong technical skills to complement her creative gifts as a songwriter. While not much is confirmed, her abilities suggest potential formal education in music or vocal performance.

Firerose Boyfriend, Parents & Siblings

Firerose Boyfriend, Parents & Siblings

In 2022, Firerose made headlines for her whirlwind romance with none other than country legend Billy Ray Cyrus of “Achy Breaky Heart” fame. Their engagement in August came only a few months after collaborating together musically. At 60 years old, Billy Ray is nearly twice Firerose’s age – she is believed to be in her late 20s.

Some family members like Billy Ray’s mother and sister expressed skepticism about the relationship’s rapid pace. However, his ex-wife Tish Cyrus seems supportive. Firerose also formed a bond with her new fiancé’s famous daughter, Miley Cyrus. While shocking due to the 34-year age gap, their connection sparked a creative partnership and romance.

Beyond her ties to the Cyrus family, little is known about Firerose’s family or relationship history. She has not disclosed details on her parents, siblings, or any past romances yet. For now, her most public relationship is with her much older fiancé Billy Ray.

Firerose Age, Height & More

Firerose has not publicly shared her precise age or birthday, but most estimates place her currently around 26 to 29 years old as of 2024. With an average height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches, she has a slender build complemented by her signature flowing red locks.

Additional details have not been made public about her exact body measurements, weight, shoe size or other physical attributes. As she continues rising on the music scene Expect to see glimpses of her stylish performance outfits and ever-evolving looks on stage and red carpets. But some specifics may remain private details that Firerose keeps out of the limelight for now.

While not the tallest star, Firerose has undeniable stage presence thanks to her vibrant persona and stellar singing chops. Her age and beauty add to her appeal but do not define this multi-talented performer and songwriter poised for even bigger stardom.


Firerose first entered the music world sometime around 2015, initially struggling to gain traction as an independent artist based out of Los Angeles. While she likely held smaller performances and occasionally released tracks, her major breakthrough came more recently.

In 2022, Firerose began collaborating with highly successful singer Billy Ray Cyrus which provided the boost needed for more mainstream success. Their musical chemistry was instant, with Billy Ray inviting her to open several tour dates before fate turned their work relationship romantic too. 

After guesting on remixes of hits like “Achy Breaky Heart”, Firerose earned further momentum with her own debut single “Fragile Handling” which Billy Ray co-wrote. The emotional country-pop track quickly racked up streams showcasing her vocal control and talent for vulnerable songwriting.  

Additional songs “Way Out” and the sassy breakup anthem “No Holding Fire” expanded her catalog and appeal. With a prestigious mentor and boyfriend now by her side, expect Firerose’s fame to continue rising rapidly as she develops her musical career.

Firerose Songs

While still early in her recording career, Firerose has already showcased impressive talents as both a powerhouse vocalist and emotional songwriter. Some fan favorite songs so far include:

  • Fragile Handling: Her debut single and breakout hit also penned by boyfriend Billy Ray Cyrus features Firerose’s stunning vocals and vulnerable lyrics on this country/pop crossover track. 
  • Achy Breaky Heart: (Billy Ray Cyrus Remix) – Firerose lends her talents guesting on this remake of Billy Ray’s smash 1992 classic that propelled both their careers further into the spotlight. 
  • Way Out: An optimistic midtempo pop track with Firerose’s soulful voice standing out on lyrics about moving beyond life’s setbacks.
  • No Holding Fire: This kiss-off anthem sees Firerose draw on her vocal range flipping from fiery verses to the soaring hook as she warns exes about her willingness to fight back against lies and disrespect. 

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As Firerose continues honing her own artistic identity expect plenty more emotionally resonant tracks that showcase her one-of-a-kind talent and creative gifts. 

Firerose Net Worth

Firerose Net Worth

Since entering a high-profile relationship and engagement to Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose now enjoys his estimated $20 million net worth and access to financial security. Before dating the far wealthier music icon, her independent career yielded more modest earnings from early music sales and performances.  

Overall sources estimate Firerose’s current independent net worth somewhere around $500,000 – a sizable personal fortune on its own, even if dwarfed by Billy Ray’s tens of millions. As her popularity and record sales grow, expect her rising fortune to easily clear $1 million or more in short order.

Between lucrative recording deals, touring income, merchandise sales and commercial sponsorships, this blossoming pop songstress appears well on her way to becoming a multi-millionaire in her own right soon enough. For now she can enjoy the fruits of her famous fiancé’s success while building her own assets and career earning power simultaneously.  


Beyond rumors and speculation, few personal facts are confirmed so far about this emerging singer-songwriter with a still mysterious background. Some quick pieces of Firerose trivia fans can confirm include:

👉 Brother in law to Miley Cyrus upon marrying Billy Ray  

👉 Estimated to be around 26-29 currently   

👉 Scored breakout hit single “Fragile Handling“ co-written by boyfriend Billy Ray  

👉 Received first Grammy nomination for “Younger Now” album by Miley Cyrus  

👉 Sang guest vocals on multiple Billy Ray Cyrus song remixes  

👉 Announced surprise engagement to boyfriend Billy Ray in August 2022

While plenty remains uncertain about her origins and early life, Firerose’s undeniable vocal talents and rapidly accelerating career speak for themselves as facts that prove this blossoming artist is surely one to watch.

Social Media Accounts

As her fame grows, fans can stay up to date with Firerose’s latest career and personal updates across her active social media channels:

YouTubeFirerose28k+ Subscribers

Use hashtags like #Firerose and #Firerosemusic to join the conversation online and connect with this rising talent’s passionate supporter community around the world.


Who is Firerose?

Firerose is an American singer-songwriter known for her vocal talents and collabs with Billy Ray Cyrus to whom she is now engaged.

How old is Firerose?

While her precise age is not confirmed, most estimates place Firerose around 26 to 29 years old as of 2024.

What is the real name of Firerose?  

Firerose’s actual birth name has not been publicly revealed yet, with the stage name Firerose being her only confirmed public persona so far.

Is Firerose got married to Billy Ray Cyrus?

Not yet! But Firerose did announce her engagement to longtime boyfriend and musical collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus in August 2022 – so wedding bells seem imminent for this couple with their 34-year age gap.

How much is Firerose’s Net Worth?

Firerose’s independent net worth is estimated around $500,000 from early music earnings, with expectations she will be a multi-millionaire soon thanks to a lucrative music career and financial security from famous fiancé Billy Ray Cyrus.

Final Thoughts on Firerose

Propelled to fame after collaborating musically and romantically with veteran star Billy Ray Cyrus, Firerose stands poised to become country-pop’s latest breakout talent. While many personal details remain closely guarded secrets, her undeniable vocal prowess and way with emotive songwriting make clear she was born to be a star.

Already demonstrating poise and talent exceeding her years, this rising songstress has undoubtedly only begun displaying the full range of her artistic gifts. With Billy Ray supporting her both as a mentor and partner, Firerose’s future looks brighter than ever.

Sure to soon sell out arenas worldwide and expand her music industry influence, remember her name now before the fame truly ignites for this destined superstar-in-the-making. The fiery talent Firerose brings ensures she won’t remain an unknown for much longer.

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