Tragic Story of Tracy Brown: Bering How Did Tracy Brown Bering Die?

Tracy Brown Bering, once an inmate who had shared a cell with Jodi Arias, the infamous murderer of Travis Alexander, initially aligned herself as one of Jodi’s fervent sympathizers and confidantes. 

However, her perspective shifted dramatically when she came to the realization that Jodi was a masterful manipulator and a sociopath. Following her release from jail, Tracy’s life took a distressing turn, culminating in a tragic end as she succumbed to a fatal overdose on December 3, 2022.

Who is Tracy Brown Bering?

Tracy Brown Bering, born on June 6, 1974, in Arizona, has led a life marked by intriguing twists and turns. From a troubled youth grappling with clinical depression to an unexpected connection with notorious inmate Jodi Arias, Tracy’s story is nothing short of fascinating.

Having spent five months in Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona, Tracy crossed paths with Jodi Arias in 2011. Enthralled by Jodi’s captivating beauty, charm, and singing voice, Tracy formed a unique bond with her fellow inmate. In an unusual turn of events, Tracy allowed Jodi to leave a lasting mark on her, receiving six tattoos, one of which bore Jodi’s signature. 

Tracy’s romantic journey took another unexpected turn when she fell in love with another inmate, Donavan Bering, who shared a close connection with Jodi. Adding a peculiar chapter to her life, Jodi officiated Tracy and Donavan’s wedding ceremony behind bars in 2013.

What Happened To Tracy Brown Bering?

What Happened To Tracy Brown Bering

Released from jail in 2014, Tracy found herself immersed in a complex web of relationships and controversies. Remaining in close contact with Jodi Arias, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for a high-profile murder case, Tracy faced public scrutiny and backlash as she defended Jodi in the media and on social platforms alongside her husband, Donavan.

However, the challenges did not stop there for Tracy. Battling internal health issues and navigating the ups and downs of her relationship with Donavan, who was diagnosed with cancer, Tracy’s life took a tragic turn. 

On December 3, 2022, after a heated argument with Donavan, Tracy succumbed to an overdose of pills, as revealed by her sister, Crystal Rider. Tracy’s life, marked by its unique encounters and unexpected twists, came to a heartbreaking conclusion, leaving behind a legacy that continues to intrigue and captivate those who delve into her enigmatic story.

Is Tracy Brown Bering Dead Or Alive?

Tracy Brown Bering passed away on December 3, 2022, at the age of 48. Unfortunately, her death was confirmed by her mother, Yolanda Ducharme, through a heartfelt Facebook post. The news of Tracy’s passing was also highlighted in the concluding segment of the Lifetime documentary, Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias, which aired on January 23, 2023.

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On December 3, 2022

On that fateful day, Tracy faced a battle with mental health, resulting in a tragic overdose and the loss of her life. Yolanda Ducharme, her mother, took to Facebook to share the devastating news, acknowledging the struggles Tracy faced with depression that ultimately led her to this point. 

In her post, Yolanda expressed deep love and sorrow for her “baby girl” and “first daughter.” Tracy’s sister, Crystal Rider, attributed Tracy’s demise to conflicts with Donovan, accusing him of pushing her sister towards suicide. Allegations were made that Donovan not only knew about Tracy’s intentions but also threatened their mother and deceived investigators.

How Did Tracy Bering Die?

Tracy Bering succumbed to an overdose of pills, a tragic outcome exacerbated by her battle with clinical depression and the stress arising from her wife’s illness. The added pressure of receiving hate from Jodi Arias’ followers further fueled her struggles. 

Family members, including Crystal Rider, contended that Donovan was aware of Tracy’s suicidal thoughts. Yolanda Ducharme, in a heartfelt Facebook tribute, lamented the impact of depression on her daughter, expressing profound love and grief.

In Loving Memory of Tracy Brown Bering

In Loving Memory of Tracy Brown Bering

Tracy Brown Bering, a beloved daughter, sister, wife, and friend, is remembered for her kind heart and infectious smile. Her passions included music, animals, and nature, reflecting her compassionate nature. 

Tracy’s devout belief in Jodi Arias’ innocence showcased her loyalty and resilience. Despite the challenges she faced, Tracy stood strong, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of her family, friends, and admirers. May she rest in peace.

How Tracy Brown Met Jodi Arias in Jail

In 2011, Tracy Brown found herself sharing a jail cell with none other than Jodi Arias at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. Tracy, there for a kidnapping case, discovered an unexpected connection with Jodi, who was awaiting trial for the murder of Travis Alexander. 

Intrigued by Jodi’s impeccable appearance and respectful demeanor, Tracy considered her the ideal cellmate. Jodi even showcased her singing talent, serenading Tracy each night during their time together. What seemed like an unlikely bond quickly turned into a friendship as Tracy grew to trust Jodi completely.

How Tracy Realized Jodi Arias Was a Liar and a Manipulator

However, the dynamics of Tracy and Jodi’s friendship took a drastic turn post-jail. Tracy, after her release, unearthed the truth about Jodi’s deceitful nature. Upon contacting Jodi’s mother, Sandra Arias, Tracy realized that Jodi had fabricated numerous aspects of her life, including details about her family, upbringing, and relationship with Travis Alexander. 

Shockingly, Tracy discovered that she had unwittingly become a pawn in Jodi’s manipulation game, as she and Donavan were used to handle Jodi’s social media and propagate her narrative. Reflecting on her experience, Tracy revealed on “Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets,” stating, “She can get anybody to do what she wants. She uses her sex appeal, she uses whatever you’re into, and she’ll manipulate you.”

How Tracy’s Life Spiraled Down After Leaving Jail

Tracy’s life took a dark turn after her release in 2014. Struggling with depression, addiction, financial woes, and marital problems, Tracy faced a myriad of challenges. She became a target of Jodi Arias’ detractors, who accused her of being a liar and a supporter of a murderer. 

Despite seeking solace through medication and therapy, Tracy found little relief. The situation worsened with Donavan’s cancer diagnosis, putting a strain on their relationship. In the midst of feeling hopeless and suicidal, Tracy tragically took her own life by overdosing on pills on December 3, 2022.

Final Thought 

Tracy Brown Bering, once intimately tied to the infamous Jodi Arias as a former cellmate and friend, traversed a tumultuous journey alongside the convicted killer of Travis Alexander. Initially, Tracy stood by Jodi’s side, extending her support until an unsettling revelation shattered the foundation of their friendship—Jodi’s true nature as a masterful liar and manipulator emerged.

As Tracy grappled with the harsh reality of betrayal, her life metamorphosed into a somber narrative marked by the shadows of depression, dependence, and the venomous scorn of detractors. 

The haunting echoes of her struggles reached a tragic crescendo on December 3, 2022, when Tracy succumbed to the weight of her troubles, leaving behind a poignant and sorrowful story that lingers as a testament to the complexities of human connections and the devastating consequences of deception.


Who was Tracy Brown Bering?

Tracy Brown Bering was a former confidante and cellmate of Jodi Arias, the convicted murderer responsible for the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008.

How did Tracy Brown Bering die?

Tracy Brown Bering sadly passed away by suicide on December 3, 2022, following an overdose. Struggling with the weight of depression and navigating a troubled marriage, she faced insurmountable challenges.

Who was Tracy Brown Bering’s wife?

Tracy Brown Bering’s spouse was Donovan Bering, also a former cellmate and friend of Jodi Arias. Donovan, contending with a cancer diagnosis, was undergoing treatment at the time of Tracy’s passing.

Why did Tracy Brown Bering get a tattoo of Jodi Arias’ name?

Tracy Brown Bering adorned herself with a tattoo—a bird cradling a musical note with Jodi Arias’ name. This symbolic gesture was an expression of support and friendship, driven by Tracy’s belief in Jodi’s struggles and the promise of solidarity.

How did Tracy Brown Bering find out that Jodi Arias was a liar and a manipulator?

Tracy Brown Bering uncovered Jodi Arias’ web of deceit, discovering falsehoods about education, family, and her role in Travis’ demise. Realizing she was being used for financial gains and communication from the outside world, Tracy faced the harsh truth.

How did Tracy Brown Bering’s family react to her death?

Tracy Brown Bering’s mother, Yolanda Ducharme, conveyed the heartbreaking news on Facebook, attributing her daughter’s demise to depression. Tracy’s sister, Crystal Rider, laid blame on Donovan Bering, alleging that she pushed Tracy to suicide after a heated argument, further accusing her of threats and deceit.

How did Tracy Brown Bering’s death affect Jodi Arias?

While Jodi Arias remained publicly silent on Tracy Brown Bering’s death, sources indicate she was profoundly shocked and saddened. Reportedly expressing a wish to have helped Tracy, Jodi acknowledged Tracy as one of the few who understood her.

How did the public learn about Tracy Brown Bering’s death?

The public received the news of Tracy Brown Bering’s passing through a note during the closing moments of Lifetime’s documentary, “Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias,” which aired in January 2023, commemorating Tracy’s memory.

What was Tracy Brown Bering’s legacy?

Tracy Brown Bering is remembered for her kindness, generosity, and unwavering loyalty. Despite facing a challenging life, she sought to overcome obstacles and advocated for LGBTQ+ rights and animal welfare. Tracy left behind her wife, mother, sister, and friends.

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