70 Unique Female Angel Names In The Bible (With Meanings)

There are a few notable female angels mentioned in the Bible. These angelic women often have poetic and unique names that reflect their divine origins. 

  • Angels like Gabriel serve as messengers, while others like Michael lead God’s armies. 
  • Lesser known angels include Ariel, Ananel, Jophiel, Hamaliel, Jeremiel, and Azrael. 

Though appearing infrequently, these angelic women nonetheless play vital roles in imparting wisdom, prophecy, and carrying out God’s will. Their evocative names capture the imagination and allude to their heavenly grace.

20 Common Female Angel Names in the Bible


1.   Gabriel

  • Origin:  (גַּבְרִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: gah-bree-el
  • Meaning: “God is my strength”
  • Gabriel is a powerful archangel known for delivering important messages. Her name reflects a connection to divine strength and the role she plays as a messenger of God.

2.   Michael

  • Origin:  (מִיכָאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: my-kah-el
  • Meaning: “Who is like God?”
  • Although traditionally associated with males, Michael can also be seen as a name for female angels. It reflects a profound question about the unmatched nature of God.

3.   Raphael

  • Origin:  (רָפָאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: rah-fah-el
  • Meaning: “God heals”
  • Raphael is an angel associated with healing in both body and soul. Her name signifies divine intervention and the restoration of well-being.

4.   Uriel

  • Origin:  (אוּרִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: oo-ree-el
  • Meaning: “God is my light”
  • Uriel is often considered an angel of wisdom and enlightenment. Her name reflects a connection to divine illumination and guidance.

5.   Jophiel

  • Origin:  (יוֹפִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: joh-fee-el
  • Meaning: “Beauty of God”
  • Jophiel is associated with the beauty and harmony found in divine creations. Her name reflects an appreciation for the aesthetic aspects of God’s creations.

6.   Zadkiel

  • Origin:  (צָדְקִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: zad-kee-el
  • Meaning: “Righteousness of God”
  • Zadkiel is often linked to mercy, forgiveness, and the advocacy of righteousness. Her name signifies a commitment to divine justice and moral correctness.

7.   Haniel

  • Origin:  (חַנִּיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: hah-nee-el
  • Meaning: “Grace of God”
  • Haniel is associated with divine grace and the nurturing aspects of God’s love. Her name reflects a connection to the unmerited favor and benevolence of God.

8.   Ariel

  • Origin:   (אֲרִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: ar-ee-el
  • Meaning: “Lion of God” or “God’s Hearth”
  • Ariel is a versatile angelic figure associated with both strength and protection. Her name reflects a combination of majestic power and a comforting, hearth-like presence.

9.   Sariel

  • Origin:  (סִרְאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: sar-ee-el
  • Meaning: “Prince of God”
  • Sariel is often seen as an angelic figure with leadership qualities. Her name signifies a noble and princely connection to the divine.

10.   Raguel

  • Origin:  (רַגוּאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: rah-goo-el
  • Meaning: “Friend of God” or “God’s Shepherd”
  • Raguel is associated with themes of friendship and guidance. Her name reflects a close relationship with God and a role as a compassionate guide.

11.   Metatron

  • Origin:  (מְטַטְרוֹן)
  • Pronunciation: meh-tah-tron
  • Meaning: “One who serves behind the throne”
  • Metatron is often considered an archangel with a unique role close to the divine presence. Her name reflects a servant-like position behind the celestial throne.

12.   Remiel

  • Origin:  (רְמִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: ree-mee-el
  • Meaning: “Mercy of God”
  • Remiel is associated with themes of mercy and compassion. Her name reflects a divine commitment to showing kindness and forgiveness.

13.   Jerahmeel

  • Origin:  (יְרַחְמְאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: yeh-rah-mel
  • Meaning: “God’s Compassion” or “God’s Mercy”
  • Jerahmeel is linked to the compassionate nature of God. Her name reflects a divine disposition toward showing mercy and understanding.

14.   Barachiel

  • Origin:  (בָּרָכְאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: bah-rah-kee-el
  • Meaning: “Blessing of God”
  • Barachiel is often seen as an angelic figure associated with divine blessings. Her name reflects a conduit for the bestowal of God’s favor.

15.   Azrael

  • Origin:  (עֲזַרְאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: ahz-ray-el
  • Meaning: “Help of God” or “Angel of Death”
  • Azrael is often associated with the transition between life and death. Her name reflects a compassionate role in guiding souls to the afterlife.

16.   Ithuriel

  • Origin:  (אִיתוֹרִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: ee-thoo-ree-el
  • Meaning: “Discovery of God” or “Brightness of God”
  • Ithuriel is often associated with discernment and the unveiling of truth. Her name reflects a divine role in revealing the wisdom and brightness of God’s truths.

17.   Oriphiel

  • Origin:  (אוֹרִיפִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: oh-ree-fee-el
  • Meaning: “My Light is God”
  • Oriphiel is associated with divine light and illumination. Her name reflects a connection to the radiant brilliance of God.

18.   Zaphkiel

  • Origin:  (צַפְקִיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: zaf-kee-el
  • Meaning: “Contemplation of God”
  • Zaphkiel is often associated with deep reflection and contemplation. Her name reflects a connection to the divine wisdom gained through thoughtful introspection.

19.   Barbiel

  • Origin:  (בַּרבִּיאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: bar-bee-el
  • Meaning: “God’s Innocence” or “Angel of February”
  • Barbiel is associated with innocence and purity. Her name reflects a divine presence that embodies the simplicity and untainted nature of God’s creations.

20.   Chamuel

  • Origin:   (כָּמוּאֵל)
  • Pronunciation: kah-moo-el
  • Meaning: “He Who Sees God” or “Comfort of God”
  • Chamuel is often associated with the vision of God and providing comfort. Her name reflects a divine presence that sees the essence of God and offers solace to those in need.

15 Catholic Female Angel Names

1.   Seraphina

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: seh-rah-fee-nah
  • Meaning: Derived from “seraphim,”
  • It symbolizes fiery, intense love and is associated with the highest order of angels who are known for their proximity to God.

2.   Gabrielle

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: gah-bree-el
  • Meaning: Meaning “God is my strength,”
  • Gabrielle is often linked with the archangel Gabriel, a messenger between heaven and Earth in biblical traditions.

3.   Raphaela

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: rah-fah-el-ah
  • Meaning: Rooted in “God heals,”
  • Raphaela is associated with the archangel Raphael, renowned for his healing and guidance.

4.   Celestia

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: seh-lehs-tee-ah
  • Meaning: Signifying “heavenly” or “of the stars,”
  • Celestia reflects the divine nature and purity of angels.

5.   Urielle

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: yur-ee-el
  • Meaning: Derived from “God is my light,”
  • Urielle is associated with angels who bring wisdom, enlightenment, and divine illumination.

6. Gloriana

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: glawr-ee-ah-nah
  • Meaning: Denoting glory and splendor,
  • Gloriana symbolizes the radiant nature of angels in Christian theology.

7. Seraphita

  • Origin: Variation of Seraphina
  • Pronunciation: seh-rah-fee-tah
  • Meaning: Emphasizing the angelic and fiery nature,
  • Seraphita signifies fervent devotion to God.

8. Michaela

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: my-kay-lah
  • Meaning: Feminine form of “Who is like God?,”
  • Michaela is associated with the archangel Michael, known for protection and leadership.

9. Aurelia

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: aw-reh-lee-ah
  • Meaning: Rooted in “golden,”
  • Aurelia reflects the radiant and precious qualities of angels.

10. Veronica

  • Origin: Uncertain, possibly Latin
  • Pronunciation: veh-ron-ih-kah
  • Meaning: May relate to “true image,”
  • symbolizing the purity and authenticity of angelic beings.

11. Angelica

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: an-jel-ih-kah
  • Meaning: Literally “angelic” or “angel-like,”
  • Angelica embodies the essence of celestial beings.

12. Caeliana

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: say-lee-ah-nah
  • Meaning: Inspired by “caelum,” meaning “heaven” or “sky,”
  • Caeliana signifies a connection to the heavenly realms.

13. Dominique

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: doh-mee-neek
  • Meaning: Derived from “dominus,” meaning “lord” or “master,”
  • Dominique reflects authority and divine service.

14. Luminara

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: loo-mee-nah-rah
  • Meaning: Blending “luminous” and “ara” (altar),
  • Luminara represents the radiant presence of angels and their sacred role in worship.

15. Isabella

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: ee-sah-bel-lah
  • Meaning: Means “devoted to God,”
  • Isabella reflects the unwavering commitment and piety of angels, emphasizing their role in carrying out divine

15 Badass Female Angel Names

1. Seraphina

  • Origin: Derived from “seraphim,” the highest order of angels.
  • Pronunciation: seh-rah-FEE-nah
  • Meaning: Embodies fiery passion and divine ardor, symbolizing intense love and purity.

2. Aurelia

  • Origin: Latin, meaning “golden.”
  • Pronunciation: aw-REH-lee-ah
  • Meaning: Epitomizes celestial beings with a luminous aura, radiating compassion and enlightenment.

3. Valeria

  • Origin: Rooted in “valor” and strength.
  • Pronunciation: va-LEH-ree-ah
  • Meaning: Signifies a courageous and resilient angel standing firm against darkness.

4. Lysandra

  • Origin: Greek, meaning “liberator.”
  • Pronunciation: ly-SAN-dra
  • Meaning: Represents a celestial force breaking chains of oppression, empowering others.

5. Elestria

  • Origin: A fusion of “celestial” and “Elysium.”
  • Pronunciation: eh-LESS-tree-ah
  • Meaning: Embodies an angelic realm of eternal bliss, spreading joy and serenity.

6. Zephyra

  • Origin: Derived from the Greek word for “west wind.”
  • Pronunciation: ZEH-fy-ra
  • Meaning: Symbolizes a gentle, nurturing angel bringing forth positive change like a soothing breeze.

7. Astrid

  • Origin: Rooted in Old Norse, meaning “divine strength.”
  • Pronunciation: AH-streed
  • Meaning: Represents an angelic force with inner fortitude, overcoming challenges with grace.

8. Isolde

  • Origin: Celtic, meaning “fair lady” or “beautiful angel.”
  • Pronunciation: ee-ZOLD
  • Meaning: Encapsulates the ethereal beauty and grace of a celestial being.

9. Thalassa

  • Origin: Inspired by the Greek sea goddess.
  • Pronunciation: tha-LA-sa
  • Meaning: Represents an angelic force associated with divine wisdom and the transformative power of the ocean.

10. Sylvana

  • Origin: Rooted in Latin, meaning “of the forest.”
  • Pronunciation: sil-VAH-na
  • Meaning: Symbolizes an angelic guardian of nature, protecting and nurturing all living things.

11. Athenaia

  • Origin: Inspired by the Greek goddess Athena.
  • Pronunciation: ah-THEE-ny-ah
  • Meaning: Embodies an angelic force guiding with intellect, wisdom, and valor.

12. Lumina

  • Origin: Rooted in Latin, meaning “light” or “illumination.”
  • Pronunciation: LOO-mi-nah
  • Meaning: Represents an angelic being radiating spiritual enlightenment, dispelling darkness.

13. Calista

  • Origin: Greek, meaning “most beautiful.”
  • Pronunciation: ka-LIS-ta
  • Meaning: Embodies the celestial essence of beauty and grace, inspiring awe and admiration.

14. Nyxia

  • Origin: Derived from Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.
  • Pronunciation: NIK-see-ah
  • Meaning: Represents an angelic force associated with the mysteries of the cosmos, revealing hidden truths.

15. Ariael

  • Origin: A fusion of “aria” (melody) and “el” (God).
  • Pronunciation: AH-ree-el
  • Meaning: Embodies the harmonious presence of a celestial musician, bringing peace and celestial harmony to the universe.

20 Female Names Derived from Angel

1.   Angela

  • Origin: Greek/Latin
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-lah
  • Meaning: Derived from “angelus,” Angela signifies a divine messenger, reflecting qualities of compassion and guidance in various cultures.

2.   Angelica

  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: an-JEL-ih-ka
  • Meaning: Rooted in “angelicus,” Angelica represents a heavenly being, embodying purity, kindness, and a connection to the divine.

3.   Angelina

  • Origin: Italian
  • Pronunciation: an-juh-LEE-nuh
  • Meaning: A diminutive of Angela, Angelina symbolizes a little angel, capturing the essence of innocence and celestial beauty.

4.   Angeline

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-leen
  • Meaning: Evoking a sense of grace and elegance, Angeline conveys the qualities of a divine messenger bringing joy and comfort.

5.   Angelle

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: ahn-ZHEL
  • Meaning: A variation of Angel, Angelle radiates celestial warmth and kindness, representing a guardian spirit with a nurturing presence.

6.   Angelise

  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-lees
  • Meaning: Infused with celestial charm, Angelise embodies a divine being with a serene and comforting nature, offering solace to those in need.

7.   Angelique

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: ahn-zhel-EEK
  • Meaning: Reflecting elegance and sophistication, Angelique symbolizes a heavenly creature with a touch of grace and ethereal allure.

8.   Angelou

  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-loo
  • Meaning: Inspired by the word “angelos,” Angelou represents a celestial being, emphasizing wisdom, strength, and a connection to the divine.

9.   Angeni

  • Origin: Native American (Cherokee)
  • Pronunciation: ahn-GAY-nee
  • Meaning: Meaning “spirit,” Angeni embodies a celestial essence, portraying a connection to nature and the unseen forces that guide and protect.

10.   Angenette

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: ahn-zheh-NET
  • Meaning: A charming variation of Angela, Angenette signifies a graceful messenger, conveying a sense of warmth and compassion.

11.   Angelyn

  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-lin
  • Meaning: Blending Angel with Lyn, Angelyn represents a celestial force with a blend of strength, kindness, and a nurturing spirit.

12.   Angelaire

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: ahn-zhel-AIR
  • Meaning: Uniquely enchanting, Angelaire combines angelic qualities with an airy grace, suggesting a celestial being with a gentle and uplifting presence.

13.   Angiolina

  • Origin: Italian
  • Pronunciation: an-joh-LEE-nah
  • Meaning: Infused with Italian charm, Angiolina conveys the essence of a little angel, radiating sweetness, and embodying a guardian spirit.

14.   Angelara

  • Origin: Greek/Latin
  • Pronunciation: an-JEH-lah-rah
  • Meaning: A rare gem, Angelara combines the beauty of Angela with an aura of regality, suggesting a celestial being with grace and authority.

15.   Angalena

  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: AN-gah-leen-ah
  • Meaning: Blending Angel with the classic Elena, Angalena exudes celestial charm and sophistication, embodying a guiding presence of grace.

16.   Angadette

  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: ahn-gah-DET
  • Meaning: Uniquely French, Angadette conveys a sense of divine guidance, blending angelic qualities with an endearing charm.

17.   Angelfaith

  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: AN-jel-fayth
  • Meaning: A fusion of Angel and Faith, Angelfaith signifies a celestial being rooted in unwavering belief and divine purpose.

18.   Angesha

  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Pronunciation: AN-gesha
  • Meaning: Infused with Eastern influence, Angesha combines angelic grace with a sense of cosmic energy, symbolizing divine protection.

19.   Angelise

  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: AN-jeh-lees
  • Meaning: Reiterating its grace, Angelise embodies celestial charm and serenity, representing a guiding force with a gentle touch.

20.   Angessa

  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: AN-jes-sah
  • Meaning: A unique variation, Angessa combines angelic qualities with a touch of regality, signifying a celestial being with grace and authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all angels in the Bible male? 

No. While many well-known angels like Michael and Gabriel are male, there are some named female angels in the Bible too, like Ariel and Anael. Female angels tend to have poetic names that reflect attributes like wisdom, prophecy, and beauty.

What’s an example of a female angel name from the Bible and its meaning?

One example is Jophiel, an angel whose name means “beauty of God.” She is considered an archangel who helps promote spiritual enlightenment and the understanding of God’s secrets.

Do female angels play important roles in the Bible? 

Though appearing less frequently than their male counterparts, female angels like Gabriel serve vital functions like delivering important messages and revelations. Hamaliel prophesies, Ariel oversees nature, and Azrael aids in divine visions.


Final Thoughts 

While male angels tend to get more attention, there are still a number of important divine female figures mentioned in the Bible. Their melodic and meaningful names reflect attributes like beauty, wisdom, wrath, visions, and lightning. 

Angels like Ariel, Hamaliel, Anael, Jeremiel and Azrael may appear more infrequently, but they nonetheless play critical roles carrying out God’s will. They impart prophecy, offer comfort to pregnant women, oversee nature, inspire creativity and promote enlightenment.

The exact nature and duties of these mystical women may remain cloudy, but their evocative names give hints. Xophiel conveys illumination while Nakir implies alienation from God. Machidiel shows God’s fullness and Adnachiel promises a bright future. Though seldom the most famous characters of holy texts, female angels have undoubtedly shaped many biblical stories and passages in their unique capacities.

Their distinctive names, graced with allure and poetry, remind us there is more to these figures than masculine counterparts like Michael and Gabriel alone.

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