Black Girl Names – Top 100+ Names From Prettiest To Badass

Selecting a name for a black baby boy is an exhilarating process, carrying significant weight that centers around the values, heritage, and aspirations of Africans. Spanning diverse African languages and encompassing African American traditions, these names are deeply entrenched in influencing various African regions.

From monikers such as Brian, Malik, and Kwame, you are presented with a plethora of options to discover the finest black boy names. Delve into a wide array of names, including Adrian, Jamal, Desmond, and Kendrick, as our extensive list promises names that will resonate with your preferences.

Many black boy names trace their origins to Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Biblical roots, gaining popularity not only among African American communities but also within Egyptian, Haitian, Irish, and Jamaican cultures. Explore our carefully curated list featuring the meanings and origins of our top picks to aid you in making this important decision.

40 Black Girl Names A-Z

  1. Adaliya

It is a beautiful black girl’s name of German origin, meaning the noble one. You can give it to your princess like a daughter.

  1. Amadla

It is a famous African-origin name that means powerful or power. This name will perfectly suit a strong and independent girl.

  1. Bolanle

It is an African name that means someone who finds wealth at home. It is a suitable name for a black girl who is unique and precious.

  1. Bisa

It is another African-origin name that means greatly loved. Girls are adored in Africa, and this name truly explains it. Give this name to your daughter to attract love, care, and affection in her life.

  1. Cassandra

It is a Greek name meaning unheeded prophetess. This name has a long and inspiring history. It was the name of the Trojan Prophetess.

  1. Cosette

It is another beautiful black girl’s name with Latin and French origin. This name means Victorious, and it will perfectly suit a girl who is strong and passionate.

  1. Destiny

It is a Latin name that means fate. This is a good name for a black girl.

  1. Dominique

A Latin name that means Day of the Lord or someone who belongs to the Lord. It is a unique but inspiring name for a black girl with a creative personality.

  1. Edwina

It is an Old English name that means rich friend. The name is the female version of Edwin and is right for a girl with a posh and luxurious personality.

  1. Eniola

It is a Yoruba name that is a language of Nigeria. This name means a person of wealth. It is purely an African name for a kind, loyal, and affectionate black girl.

  1. Fajah

This unique and cute name is of African origin, meaning thanks. This is a perfect name for a sweet black girl.

  1. Fayola

It is another African name that is perfect for a girl who walks with honor. The meaning is also the same; you can give it to your cute black daughter.

  1. Gia

It is an Italian name that means God’s greatest gift. You can give this name to a girl who is very dear and precious to you.

  1. Gabrielle

It is a Hebrew name that means woman of God. This name will suit a strong and beautiful black girl.

  1. Hadassah

It is a biblical girl name of Hebrew origin, meaning myrtle tree. This name is continuously gaining popularity and is perfect for a black girl.

  1. Halima

It is an Arabic name that means gentle or patient. This name is ideal for a generous and well-mannered girl.

  1. Iridessa

It is a Latin name that means colorful, like a rainbow. This name is ideal for a black baby girl who has added colors to your life.

  1. Isondo

It is an African name of Nguni origin that means the wheel. This name is suitable for a powerful and independent black girl.

  1. Jendayi

This name is of Zimbabwe origin, meaning grateful and thankful. If you want to inculcate these values and attributes to your daughter, give her this perfect name as a sign of humility.

  1. Jemila

It is an adorable Somalian black girl’s name that means beautiful. This name is common in Arab and African countries.

  1. Keandra

A Gaelic name that means keen power. This is the right name for a strong and independent black girl.

  1. Kessie

It is an African American name that means Lion. Another meaning of Kessie is innocent.

  1. Lacresha

This name has Latin and African American origins, meaning wealth or success. This name has varying alternatives and is also used to describe prophets.

  1. Layla

Layla is one of the best black girl names with multiple origins, from Greek to Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Scandinavian, and Old English. This name means dark or night and also refers to the daughter of the night.

  1. Mandisha

It is an African name in the language of Zulu, meaning sweet. It is a perfect name for a girl who brings happiness.

  1. Nia

A Gaelic, Swahili, and Welsh name that means goal or purpose. It is the right name for someone considered the bringer of good fortune.

  1. Orma

An African name that belongs to a Kenyan tribe. This name means free man.

  1. Penha

It is another African name meaning adored, admired, and loved.

  1. Quanesia

A Jamaican girl’s name means life.

  1. Rihanna

A Welsh and Irish name that means great Queen. It is also a famous singer’s name.

  1. Shaniele

It is an African name that means someone who’s a gift from God. This name is common in Africa.

  1. Taleisha

It is a Jamaican name that means blooming life. It is a perfect name for a black girl.

  1. Vanesia

An adorable black girl name of Greek origin, meaning butterfly.

  1. Wendalyn

It is a German name that means a wandering woman.

  1. Yafit

It is a Hebrew name that means a worthy woman.

  1. Zendaya

This is a highly popular African name meaning be thankful.

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15 Cool Black Female Names

15 Cool Black Female Names

Check out these cool and amazing black female names you’ll love to give your daughter:

  1. Quinlan – An Irish name meaning descendant of Caoinlean, signifying slender or fair.
  2. Rhiannon – A Welsh name associated with a mythical goddess, symbolizing a nymph or fairy queen.
  3. Soren – A Danish name that means stern or severe.
  4. Tamera – An American name combining Tamara and Mira, representing a blend of palm tree and admire.
  5. Uriel – A Hebrew name signifying “God is my light” or “fire of God.”
  6. Valencia – A Spanish name that refers to strength, health, or vigor.
  7. Winston – An Old English name meaning wine’s town or joyful stone.
  8. Ximena – A Spanish name of Basque origin, meaning “hearkening” or “listening.”
  9. Yasmine – An Arabic name that translates to jasmine flower, symbolizing beauty and grace.
  10. Zephyr – A Greek name associated with the west wind, symbolizing a gentle breeze or a refreshing wind.
  11. Allegra – An Italian name meaning joyful or lively.
  12. Bodhi – A Sanskrit name that represents enlightenment or awakening.
  13. Celia – A Latin name signifying heavenly or celestial.
  14. Dorian – A Greek name associated with the Dorian people or belonging to the sea.
  15. Elara – A Greek name linked to a moon of Jupiter, reflecting brightness or light.

10 Cute Black Girl Names

Looking for some cute and adorable names for black girls? Check out these, as most are our best picks:

  1. Ahmed – An Arabic name signifying praiseworthy or commendable.
  2. Isabella – A Spanish name denoting devoted to God.
  3. Jasper – A name of Latin and English origin, referring to a precious gem.
  4. Olivier – A French name meaning olive tree, symbolizing peace and fertility.
  5. Serenity – An American name conveying a state of tranquility and calm.
  6. Kofi – A charming boy’s name with African roots, meaning born on a Friday.
  7. Ziona – A name with African and Hebrew influences, representing a sense of fulfillment or the highest heavenly state.
  8. Jelani – A unique Central African name symbolizing great and mighty.
  9. Ayana – An African name expressing beauty and favoritism.
  10. Tawanda – A name of Zimbabwean origin, meaning be strong or be healthy.

10 Black Baby Girl Names

10 Black Baby Girl Names

Here are some black baby girl names that match your heritage, looks, and group and prove to be an inspiration for your little angel:

  1. Ama – An African baby girl name that signifies water.
  2. Binta – A name of Arabic and African origin, conveying the meaning ‘with God.’
  3. Ciara – An Irish/Gaelic name denoting dark-haired or black-haired.
  4. Delilah – A Hebrew name specifically chosen for a black baby girl, interpreting as delightful or amorous.
  5. Efua – Typically bestowed upon African girls born on Friday.
  6. Leal – An African baby girl name, encapsulating the essence of faithfulness.
  7. Makeba – An Ethiopian name embodying the concept of greatness.
  8. Nevaeh – An American name with the profound meaning of heaven.
  9. Tanisha – A name derived from Sanskrit and African roots, symbolizing ambition or being born on Monday.
  10. Vanessa – A name rooted in Greek and English origins, portraying the delicate beauty of a butterfly.

20 Prettiest Black Women Names

We have selected some names for the prettiest black women with great meaning. Most of these names are of African origin.

  1. Adeniyi – A feminist African name that means brave and strong girl.
  2. Brianna – An Irish name that means strong, virtuous, and honorable.
  3. Charlotte – A French name that means free will.
  4. Daphne – A Greek name that means Laurel tree.
  5. Ebony – An Egyptian and African black girl name that means deep black wood.
  6. Hannah – A Hebrew name that means grace or favor.
  7. Isis – An Egyptian name that means Throne.
  8. Minenhle – A black girl name of Zulu origin meaning Beautiful lady.
  9. Shuri – An African and Japanese name meaning valiant.
  10. Varda – A Hebrew name that means rose.
  11. Zarene – A Persian name that means golden vessel.

10 Unique Black Girl Names

Check out these unique and meaningful black girl names of African and other origins:

  1. Azha – An Arabic and Indian name that means Sunrise.
  2. Achebe – An African name that means someone who’s always under the Almighty’s protection.
  3. Behati – An African name meaning blessing.
  4. Eega – A girl name of African origin, meaning a bird that flies high.
  5. Fahari – Smart and Confident.
  6. Gasira – Brave person.
  7. Hoyam – A unique baby girl’s name meaning passionate love.
  8. Jettie – A name for someone who is the Center of everyone’s attention.
  9. Yakini – An African American name meaning honest woman.
  10. Zahra – An Arabic and African American name that means flower.

10 Badass Names For Black Girl 

10 Badass Names For Black Girl 

Here are some badass-sounding names with good meanings for your little one:

  1. Alicia – A Latin and Spanish name that means noble or kind.
  2. Aretha – A Greek name that means virtuous.
  3. Condoleezza – An Italian name that means sweetness.
  4. Desdemona – A Greek name that means wretchedness.
  5. Misty – An English name that means dew or covered with mist.
  6. Moana – A Polynesian name that means deep ocean or sea.
  7. Nadia – A Russian name that means hope.
  8. Oduda – An African name that means black or powerful.
  9. Retta – A Latin name that means house owner.
  10. Rouge – A French name that means red.
  11. Sable – A Slavic name that means black.
  12. Serenity – An English name that means calmness.

10 Famous African American Names

Here is the list of famous black girl names of African American origin:

  1. Aniyah – Divine favor bestowed
  2. Adamma – Gorgeous maiden
  3. Baina – Radiant and bright
  4. Chalondra – Intelligent individual
  5. Dura – Precious pearl
  6. Hailey – Meadow of hay
  7. Iyana – Graced by God’s generosity
  8. Jayla – Divine protection assured
  9. Keysha – Endearingly lovely
  10. Lethabo – State of joy and happiness
  11. Ladonna – The esteemed lady
  12. Makayla – One who mirrors the divine
  13. Tiana – Royal princess

Wrapping Up

There exists a myriad of captivating and significant name choices for African American girls, perfect for your precious daughter. Whether you lean towards African American monikers such as Makayla, Iyana, and Tiana, or favor classic options like Adaeza, Eniola, and Zuri, you’re bound to find some of the most delightful names to cherish.

This compilation aims to offer you valuable inspiration for your charming African baby girl.

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