Female Demon Names – 120+ Satanic & Demonic Options For You

In demon lore, male figures often dominate our imagination. Yet, female demons wield captivating and diverse influence across global cultures. Seductive and crafty, they employ charm for sinister deeds. Unearth hidden meanings in dark, ancient names, steering clear of them for baby names or drawing unique inspiration. Every child harbors a touch of the demon within.

Female Demon Names And Meanings


Meet the enchanting and cunning demoness, Asmodea, whose name signifies the seductive allure of sinful souls. She expertly guides individuals down the forbidden path of pleasure, entangling them in the web of sin.


Abaddon, the nefarious female demon, is aptly named the destroyer of hope and optimism. She mercilessly crushes the spirit of hope, steering people towards despair and anxiety, leaving a trail of shattered dreams in her wake.


Introducing Agaliarept, the insidious demoness renowned as the corruptor of purity and virtue. With a penchant for temptation, she skillfully leads the innocent astray from the virtuous path, ensuring they remain in perpetual darkness.


Behold Beliala, the charismatic demoness hailed as the queen of temptation and chaos. With a magnetic charm, she entices both mortals and celestial beings to abandon moral restraints, weaving chaos in their wake.


Belphegora, the slothful female demon, is the embodiment of temptation and laziness. Her lethargic influence lures prey into the realm of easy pleasures, coaxing them to forsake responsibilities for a life of permanent idleness.


Enter Carriaxa, the sorceress of illusory reality. Masterful in manipulation, she deftly bends truth, casting a veil of deception that leaves souls perpetually questioning the nature of their existence.


Dantalia, the Duchess of Mind Control and Mental Domination, reigns over the realm of thoughts. Her manipulative and controlling nature infiltrates the minds of unsuspecting individuals, wielding desires like a puppeteer.


Gorgona, the monstrous female demon, is known as the Medusa of petrifying beauty. Her mesmerizing allure induces fear, turning those who catch a glimpse of her into statues frozen in terror.


Meet Hecate, the mysterious mistress of magic and malevolence. Proficient in witchcraft, she invokes curses with powerful magic, casting a shadow of doom, omens, and chaos.


Lilith, the temptress of shadows, is the epitome of wickedness. Her charming beauty lures souls into the depths of darkness, leaving them ensnared in her irresistible embrace.


Lamia, the predatory and remorseless demoness, preys on the innocent, consuming their aspirations and hopes by shattering their dreams.


Lilim, the charming and graceful demoness, is the alluring enchantress of darkness. She leads people into the eternal night with her captivating charm.


Morrigan, the enigmatic female demon, is the harbinger of destruction and desire. She brings forth doom, omens, and chaos with her mysterious presence.


Malphasia, the mistress of illusion and malice, excels in cunning. She distorts reality, causing chaos and deception to reign.


Maraxa, the sorcerer of dark secrets, manipulates minds with forbidden knowledge. Her wisdom and enchanting beauty draw individuals into the mysteries of the occult.


Naamah, the alluring demoness, is the siren of sin and forbidden desires. Her melodic voice whispers dark secrets, igniting the deepest and darkest desires within people.


Rosier, the wicked Duchess of Deception, corrupts love and destroys affection. She infuses jealousy, betrayal, and poison into the hearts of souls, leaving a trail of broken bonds.


Sallosa, the passionate female demon, strikes souls with desire and seduction. Her magnetic charm manipulates hearts, leading them towards irresistible temptation.


Veparis, the demoness haunting the sirens of the deep, whispers to drowned souls. Her enchanting voice lures souls into watery graves, where she resides in the depths of the ocean.


Zeparis, the seductive female demon, is renowned as the manipulative seductress of souls. With her alluring beauty, she twists optimistic desires into dark and pessimistic ones, ruining people’s obsessions.

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Female Devil Names

Female Devil Names


This name holds prominence in Melanesian folklore, where a captivating female spirit lures unsuspecting men to her abode—a tranquil lake. Once entrapped, she submerges them in its depths, feasting upon their life force.


In the annals of Greek mythology, Achlys takes form as a female demon, transforming into a veil of fog or mist that veils mortal vision. This ethereal manifestation symbolizes the embodiment of sorrow.


From the rich tapestry of Filipino folklore emerges Aswang, a shape-shifting she-demon. Despite her ominous nature, she shares an amicable relationship with humans, refraining from inflicting harm upon them.


Steeped in Irish folklore, the Banshee is a female demon renowned for sowing discord and chaos. Often found haunting battlefields, she symbolizes an omen of impending doom.


As witnessed in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Batibat materializes as a female spirit inducing sleep paralysis and suffocating victims in their slumber, embodying a macabre presence.


Within the depths of water, Bukavac emerges at night, emitting eerie, resonant sounds. This female demon proceeds to assail unsuspecting individuals, employing lethal strangulation as her method of demise.


Wielding terror in Nepali mythology, Chamunda is a fearsome female demoness wreaking havoc and catastrophe. She is notorious for capturing and consuming children.

Chesma Iyesi

Hailing from Turkic mythology, Chesma Iyesi manifests as a cat-shaped spirit residing within water sources such as wells and fountains. Her malevolent intent culminates in the demise of those who approach.

Dames Blanches

French mythology introduces Dames Blanches, a female demon known to lure individuals into confined spaces, tormenting them with the spectral presence of cats and owls until their ultimate demise.


In German folklore, Drude manifests as an elderly woman, responsible for inducing nightmares. This female devil weaves a realm of nocturnal terror.


A shape-shifting female demon, Empusa possesses a brass leg. She seamlessly transitions from a grotesque beast to an alluring woman, ensnaring men to suck their blood and consume their flesh.


Japanese folklore unveils the existence of Futakuchi-onna—a two-faced female devil who typically inhabits women. Her presence is most pronounced among those who endure hunger or are wedded to frugal spouses.


Within the pages of Greek mythology, Gello emerges as a demonic force afflicting women, often leading to miscarriages, infertility, and infant mortality.


Half bird, half human, the Harpies epitomize a voracious, malevolent demoness. Greed, vileness, and danger characterize these winged she-devils.


Of Iranian origin, Jahi is a venomous female demon, wielding the power to bring about death through poison.


This female devil feasts on human spirits, cursing the avaricious and consuming them as sustenance.


Albanian mythology introduces Kulshedra, a partially human and snake demon responsible for causing droughts and floods, embodying the dual forces of nature.

La Llorona

A poignant figure in Hispanic folklore, La Llorona is a weeping woman demoness who, driven by scarcity, tragically ends the lives of her children through drowning.


Hindu mythology narrates the tale of Mahishi—a shape-shifting demoness, half human and half buffalo, epitomizing a formidable force.


In Polish mythology, Nocnitsa assumes the role of the queen of the underworld, tormenting children throughout the nocturnal hours.

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Demon Names For Girls


In Persian mythology, Agash, a female demon, is renowned for casting malevolent curses upon individuals, particularly targeting their sense of sight.


Coptic Egyptian legends introduce Alabasandria, a female demon embodying the goddess Bast. Her menacing nature involves attacking women and children, feeding on their blood, flesh, and milk.


Zoroastrian lore unveils Bushyasta, a female demon responsible for instigating procrastination and laziness in humans, thereby diminishing their productivity.


A sorceress of astral travel and forbidden paths, Bathintha is a female demon traversing ethereal planes. She guides mortals onto unknown paths, leading them astray.


Known as the grandmother of hell and the daughter of anger, Durukti embodies greed, torture, illusion, and impropriety.


This mysterious creature, often portrayed as a female demon, transforms into a beautiful woman to lure men. Once ensnared, she devours their liver and heart.

La Cegua

With a half-human, half-horse visage, La Cegua roams roads at night, appearing beautiful. However, if deceived into accompanying a man home, she reveals her demonic identity, instilling fear and death.


Notorious for killing and consuming her own children, Mormo haunts the rooms of ill-mannered children, inducing psychological terror without physical harm.


Regarded as the underworld’s queen, Nocnitsa gains infamy for tormenting children.


In Hindu mythology, Putna emerges as a female demon attempting to kill Krishna by poisoning his mother’s breast milk. Miraculously, the demon succumbs to her own poison.


Known as the queen of darkness, Qin reigns with an air of malevolence.


A terrifying female demon, Rangda feasts on children and leads a coven of witches.


In Persian mythology, Shirina is a beautiful yet ferocious demoness rejected by Shaitan.


Renowned for seducing men in their sleep, the Succubus engages in sexual intercourse, feeding on semen to sustain herself.


Hailing from ancient African mythology, Tarika, the forest woman, resides in forests, causing disease and death.


This ogress, also known as Dzunukwa, is an old and ugly demoness who steals children to feast upon them.


In Japanese mythology, Ubume is a demoness caring for a baby whose mother died during birth. Attempts to carry the baby result in a heavy weight, leading to the carrier’s demise.


Known for her alluring beauty and cunning nature, Xtabay lures humans into forests, orchestrating their untimely deaths.


This wandering female demon has a gruesome habit of consuming people in half.


Originating from Madaic folklore, Zahreil is an evil spirit and the mother of Ptahil, considered a genius.

Badass Demon Names Female

Badass Demon Names Female

1. Aynaet – This malevolent entity is characterized by an embodiment of a sinister gaze.

2. Ammit – Renowned as a devourer of souls, this demonic presence is notably female.

3. Buduh – This particular demon is widely recognized as the embodiment of malevolent love spirits.

4. Angrboda – Considered a harbinger of sorrow, this female demon holds a significant place in the realm of darkness.

5. Draconcopede – A Greek female demon, bearing the name Draconcopede, is acknowledged in the annals of demonic entities.

6. Estry – A female demon with vampiric spirits is known by the name Estry, adding a haunting dimension to the supernatural.

7. Jilaiya – Resembling a bird and sustaining herself on the blood of those who utter her name, this female demon is known as Jilaiya.

8. Kino – Referenced in Japanese mythology, Kino is a female demon with a presence that echoes through ancient tales.

9. Lamashtu – Infamous for haunting children and women, Lamashtu stands as a prominent demoness in the realm of darkness.

10. Mavka – The name Mavka is associated with another formidable female demon, solidifying its place in the pantheon of darkness.

11. Morgen – Gaining notoriety for her role in drowning men, Morgen is a female demon with a deadly association in folklore.

12. Nang – This female demon is known for haunting the trees, adding an eerie touch to the supernatural landscape.

13. Nina – Revered as the serpent goddess, Nina is a female demon with a formidable and captivating presence.

14. Proserpine – The queen of the underworld, Proserpine is a female demon whose name resonates with authority in the realms of darkness.

15. Rusalka – A female demon with a penchant for hunting men, Rusalka weaves her dark tales in the supernatural realm.

16. Sila – Described as one of the most perilous supernatural creatures in Arabic myths, Sila is a female demon commanding fear and fascination.

17. Werzelya – Hailing from Ethiopia, this demoness is known for her insatiable appetite for human flesh and blood.

18. Yakshini – In the rich tapestry of Indian mythology, the female demoness Yakshini holds a significant and intriguing place.

Powerful Female Demon Names

1. Aosoth – A formidable female demon renowned for her formidable dark prowess.

2. Berneroka – Originating from a mythical swamp, this female demon is a staple in Philippine folklore.

3. Blednica – The moniker of a Slavic forest demoness.

4. Charmo Vetr – A demoness hailing from the Kam tribe, notorious for assaulting unsuspecting travelers.

5. Ciguapa – Found in Dominican mythology, this female demon is a prominent figure.

6. Danglathas – This predatory female demon actively hunts humans and sustains herself by feeding on them.

7. Dakini – A sacred female demon in Hindu mythology.

8. Gorgon – An embodiment of wisdom and mystery, this female demon is a perfect example.

9. Hantu Kopek – This female demon specializes in causing nightmares.

10. Hone-Onna – Originating from Japanese folklore, this female demon’s name translates to “woman in bones.”

11. Kali – The name of this female demon signifies the Goddess of Hell in Hindi.

12. Mikaribaba – The name of this female demon translates to “old-eyed demon woman.”

13. Shahmaran – A female demon of Persian origin, holding the title of the leader of snakes.

14. Vantoase – The name of this female demon translates to “spirits of the wind.”

Female Satan Names

Female Satan Names

1. Apotamkin – A captivating demoness steeped in folklore.

2. Aicha Kandicha – A fierce female demon known for pursuing men relentlessly.

3. Anqa – Bewitching with her long neck, she is a demon of intrigue.

4. Bananachs – Renowned for instigating chaos, this female demon is a force to be reckoned with.

5. Cigiapa – With her dark visage, she embodies the essence of a haunting demoness.

6. Cihuateteo – Radiating divinity, she is a woman of profound spiritual power.

7. Dayan – A sinister witch, weaving spells of darkness and deceit.

8. Dracaena – Like a dragon, this female demon exudes strength and ferocity.

9. Dearg Due – Known as the red bloodsucker, she strikes fear into the hearts of mortals.

10. Eisheth Zernunim – Her name evokes the essence of feminine allure and seduction.

11. Hulder – A secretive demoness, shrouded in mystery and enigma.

12. Jengu – A water demon revered by the tribes of Cameroon, embodying the power of the oceans.

13. Jorogumo – A spider demoness, weaving her intricate webs of deception.

14. Kikimoro – Dwelling within houses, she is a domestic demoness of unsettling presence.

15. La Sayona – A vengeful demoness, her wrath knows no bounds against cheating men.

16. Mazikeen – These harmful spirits are a testament to the darker forces that lurk in the shadows.

17. Pichal Peris – Witches whose twisted feet betray their supernatural nature.

18. Pincoya – A feminine spirit of water, exuding grace and fluidity.

19. Rusalka – A haunting demoness, luring men to their watery demise.

20. Soucriant – Known for her blood-sucking tendencies, she embodies the darkness of night.

Pretty Female Demon Names

1. Aphrodite – Goddess embodying both love and war

2. Bacchus – Deity presiding over pleasure

3. Circe Marantha – Enchantress and hag wielding affliction and demise

4. Agnes – Inflictor of maladies and harbinger of death

5. Beelitha – Sovereign female demon ruling over the abyss

6. Sirena Nocturna – Melodious seductress preying upon unsuspecting men

7. Vortexia – Demonic whirlpool in the form of a female entity

8. Eleutheria – Divine protector overseeing childbirth

9. Nemesis – Deity of retribution and vengeance

10. Marilitha – She-demon armed with lethal needles

11. Somnia – Female demon personifying the realm of sleep

12. Astarte – Goddess governing both sexual love and war

13. Malora – Manifestation of absolute malevolence

14. Gorgonaia – She-demon transforming mortals into stone with her gaze

15. Seraphina – Long-maned demoness with a penchant for consuming men

16. Lurelia – Temptress demon seducing men in the realm of dreams

17. Vindicta – Wrathful demoness seeking revenge

18. Sylvanaia – Spirit of the forest, embodied in the form of a woman

Wrapping Up

As we draw this exploration of female demon names to a close, one cannot help but be struck by the sheer variety and richness of the tales and legends that surround these enigmatic beings. From seductive temptresses to fearsome warriors, each name carries with it a tapestry of symbolism, meaning, and inspiration.

While these names may hold an undeniable allure for those drawn to the occult and the darker realms of existence, it is important to remember that they also carry with them a certain weight and responsibility. These are not mere words, but powerful evocations of beings and forces that have shaped the fabric of mythology and folklore for centuries.

As you ponder the significance of these names and the entities they represent, take a moment to reflect on the deeper meanings they hold. Perhaps they serve as cautionary tales, warning us against the perils of succumbing to temptation and sin. Or maybe they are reminders of the resilience of the human spirit, capable of facing even the darkest of terrors with unwavering courage.

Regardless of the interpretation, one thing is certain: the world of female demon names is a rich tapestry, woven with threads of seduction, manipulation, sin, and charismatic allure. Tread carefully, for once you have gazed upon these names, their power may forever linger in the corners of your mind, beckoning you to explore the depths of the unknown.

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