Female Dragon Names – 140+ Mythical & Creative Ideas

Seek captivating names for your female dragon from our diverse list inspired by legendary tales and cultures. Whether from famous dragons, ancient myths, or iconic games like Dungeons & Dragons, these names evoke magic and wonder. 

Our collection offers over 140 cool names for female dragons, ideal for pets, babies, or game characters. Delve into this treasure trove of dragon-inspired charm and explore additional options like Names Meaning Magic, Mermaid Names, Nickname For The Devil, and Gothic Names.

Best Female Dragon Names And Meanings

1. Amaranya (Sindarin) – Majestic dragon of eternal life

2. Astridra (Old Norse) – Enchanting dragon exuding love and beauty

3. Aureliax (Latin) – Glorious dragon with scales of gold

4. Azuraitha (Elvish) – Azure dragon, embodying the serene sky

5. Chiaraflame (Italian) – Dragon whose flames shine brightly

6. Drakaina (Greek) – Mythical dragoness from ancient Greek lore

7. Fafnira (Norse) – Powerful dragoness, the feminine counterpart of Fafnir

8. Ignisia (Latin) – Dragon ablaze with intense fire

9. Inshira (African) – Mystic dragon shrouded in mystery

10. Isolindra (Germanic) – Frosty dragon ruling over icy domains

11. Jindalara (Korean) – Metallic dragon, embodying strength and resilience

12. Kaida (Japanese) – Petite dragon symbolizing boundless potential

13. Mizuchi (Japanese) – Dragon reigning over the element of water

14. Nagaara (Sanskrit) – Royal dragoness, a queen among dragons

15. Nephthysia (Egyptian) – Guardian dragon inspired by the divine Nephthys

16. Ouroboria (Ancient Egyptian) – Eternal dragon symbolizing cycles of life

17. Pyrrhaea (Greek) – Earthly dragon adorned in flames

18. Quetzalli (Aztec) – Sacred serpent-dragon adorned with precious feathers

19. Ragnarisa (Norse) – Dragon of war, feared and respected

20. Saphirixia (Persian) – Dragon of sapphire hue, radiating nobility

21. Seraphina (Hebrew) – Dragon with fiery wings, embodying divine power

22. Solarastra (Latin) – Solar dragon, basking in the radiance of the sun

23. Sylvandria (Latin) – Dragon of the forest, guardian of nature’s secrets

24. Tiamara (Babylonian) – Primordial dragoness, counterpart to Tiamat

25. Valoriax (Valyrian) – Dragon filled with valor and courage

26. Vespera (Latin) – Dragon of the evening, cloaked in dusk’s embrace

27. Vritraika (Hindu) – Slayer of Vritra, embodying victory over darkness

28. Wyverna (Old English) – Dragon reminiscent of the fierce wyverns

29. Zahira (Arabic) – Dragon shining with radiant brilliance

Unique Female Dragon Names

Unique Female Dragon Names

1. Aetherion (Greek) – Embodied from aether, signifying the celestial skies

2. Celestrium (Latin) – Dragon of the heavens, a celestial marvel

3. Eclipsara (Latin) – Majestic dragon veiled in the aura of eclipses

4. Enchantara (English) – Dragon of enchantment, casting magical allure

5. Equinoxion (Latin) – Dragon harmonizing with the balance of equinoxes

6. Etherealys (English/Greek) – A dragon of ethereal essence, transcending realms

7. Ignivara (Latin) – Guardian dragon ablaze with fiery determination

8. Iridesa (Latin) – The radiant dragon, embodying the colors of the rainbow

9. Nebulitha (Latin) – Dragon resembling the cosmic beauty of nebulas

10. Nexusira (Latin) – Dragon connecting realms, a nexus of mystical power

11. Nocturnalia (Latin) – Dragon of the night, embracing the nocturnal realm

12. Thalassara (Greek) – Dragon of the seas, embodying the spirit of the ocean

13. Verdantiax (Latin) – Lush green dragon, guardian of verdant landscapes

14. Virescentia (Latin) – Dragon adorned in the vibrant hues of green vitality

Cool Female Dragon Names

1. Radiantflare (English) – Radiant and flaring

2. Blazevalor (English) – Valorously fierce and blazing serpent

3. Cyclonicus (Greek) – Cyclonic serpent

4. Emberwhipra (English) – Ember-infused and whip-like serpent

5. Frostchilla (English) – Chilling dragon of ice

6. Infernalis (Latin) – Infernal serpent

7. Obsidianyxus (English/Greek) – Fusion of obsidian and onyx, embodying a dark and precious serpent

8. Fireonyx (English) – Merging fire and onyx

9. Windrazora (English) – Wind serpent with razor-sharp edges

10. Shadowthorn (English) – Dark and pointed serpent

11. Scorchwingra (English) – Dragon with scorching wings

12. Shadowveilra (English) – Serpent cloaked in shadows

13. Fangstormus (English) – Stormy-fanged serpent

14. Tempestara (Latin) – Tempestuous serpent

15. Cloudbreakra (English) – Dragon that breaks the clouds with thunder

16. Thunderstrikeus (English) – Thunder-striking serpent

17. Venomisaur (Latin) – Serpent with venomous tendencies

18. Shadowvenoma (English) – Shadowy and venomous serpent

19. Vipressor (English) – Viper-like serpent

20. Vortexion (Latin) – Whirlwind serpent

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Cute Female Dragon Names

Cute Female Dragon Names

1. Giggleglow (English) – Unveiling the joy of a dragon with a playful and giggly spirit

2. Embraceflare (English) – A dragon that thrives on affection and cherishes cuddles

3. Sugarblaze (English) – Unleashing the sweetness of a dragon’s flame, akin to a cupcake’s delight

4. Charmheart (English) – A dragon boasting a heart filled with irresistible charm and dazzling allure

5. Dreamydrape (English) – A dragon adorned with scales that cast a dreamy and enchanting aura

6. Fluffysparkle (English) – A dragon exuding cuteness with a fuzzy and sparkly disposition

7. Gleamwhisper (English) – A dragon spreading a gentle glimmer through the air

8. Sweetmallow (English) – A dragon embodying the sweetness and softness of a marshmallow

9. Luminocturne (English) – A dragon radiating a soft and soothing glow reminiscent of moonbeams

10. Peachspire (English) – A delightful dragon featuring peach-colored scales and a spiky, vibrant personality

11. Petalwhirl (English) – A dragon intertwined with the delicate and vibrant world of petals

12. Enchantflare (English) – A dragon with a magical flame, akin to the whimsy of pixies

13. Snuggleember (English) – A dragon that wraps you in warmth with its cuddly and comforting flame

14. Warmglitter (English) – A dragon seamlessly blending warmth with a sparkly and charming demeanor

15. Joyshine (English) – A dragon embodying joy, radiance, and a sparkling personality

16. Sprinklejoy (English) – A dragon spreading joy through playful fires that sprinkle merriment

17. Starlull (English) – A dragon associated with the soothing glow reminiscent of starlight

18. Starlitgrin (English) – A dragon boasting teeth that twinkle with the brilliance of stars

19. Whimsyfloat (English) – A whimsical dragon with wings as light and airy as a dream

Mythical Dragon Names

1. Dahomey Mythology: Aido Hwedo – Unveiling the Rainbow Serpent

2. Andean Marvel: Amaru – Embracing the Serpent in Incan Mythology

3. Incan Enigma: Amarumayu – Exploring the Serpent-Like Wonders

4. Native American Depths: Amhuluk – The Mysterious Sea Serpent

5. Dragon Royalty: Ao Guang – East Sea’s Majestic Dragon King in Chinese Mythology

6. Zoroastrian Marvel: Azi Dahaka – The Dragon of Zoroastrian Legends

7. Chuvash Wonder: Chuvash Dragon – A Water Serpent’s Folkloric Dance

8. Latin Roar: Dracostrum – Resonating with the Power of a Dragon’s Roar

9. Greek Guardian: Drakon Lycomedes – The Sentinel of the Golden Fleece

10. Three Sovereigns: Fuxi – Chinese Mythology’s Revered Dragon Deity

11. Native American Blaze: Gaasyendietha – The Fire-Breathing Serpent

12. Imperial Glory: Huanglong – The Yellow Dragon’s Symbolic Power in Chinese Mythology

13. Hittite Triumph: Illuyankas – The Dragon Slain by the Storm God

14. Korean Aspiration: Imugi – Journeying from Lesser Serpent to True Dragon

15. Buddhist Harmony: Indra’s Net Dragon – Symbolizing Interconnectedness

16. Aquatic Majesty: Jiaolong – Exploring the Horned Headed Aquatic Dragon

17. Norse Marvel: Jormungandr – The Colossal Sea Serpent of Norse Lore

18. Mayan Winds: Kukulkan – Feathered Serpent God of Wind and Fertility

19. Bambara Mystery: Ladilikan – Unraveling the Dragon-Like Creature in Bambara Mythology

20. Garden Guardian: Ladon – The Serpent-Like Guardian of Golden Apples

21. Dungeons & Dragons Deity: Laduguer – Unveiling the Dragon Deity in Fantasy Realms

22. Chaotic Power: Leviathan – Symbolizing Chaos and Might as a Sea Dragon

23. Norse Enigma: Lindworm – Wingless Serpent-Like Dragons in Norse Legends

24. Japanese Mystique: Musha – A Dragon or Sea Serpent in Japanese Folklore

25. Disney’s Charm: Mushu – The Humorous Dragon in Disney’s Mulan

26. Mesopotamian Splendor: Mushussu – Horned and Serpent-Bodied Dragon of Ancient Mesopotamia

27. Water Beings: Naga – Serpent-Like Creatures Tied to Aquatic Mysteries

28. Yggdrasil’s Bane: Nidhoggr – The Root-Gnawing Dragon of Norse Mythology

29. Eightfold Legend: Orochi – The Legendary Eight-Headed and Eight-Tailed Dragon

30. Precious Pearl Protector: Pulao – The Dragon Guardian of Precious Pearls

31. Fiery Essence: Pyrrhus – The Flame-Inspired Red Dragon

32. Mesoamerican Reverence: Quetzalcoatl – Feathered Serpent God of Mesoamerica

33. Sea God’s Majesty: Ryujin – Delving into the Dragon God of the Sea

34. Hungarian Echo: Sarkany – The Dragon’s Tale in Hungarian Folklore

35. Polish Legend: Smok Wawelski – Krakus’ Legendary Defeat of the Dragon

36. Scottish Waves: Stoor Worm – A Sea Serpent’s Tale from Scottish Folklore

37. Provencal Elegance: Tarasque – The Legendary Dragon-Like Creature

38. Polynesian Serenity: Te Fiti – Goddess and Dragon in Polynesian Mythology

39. Primordial Power: Tiamatus – Tracing the Dragon Essence from Tiamat

40. Greek Fury: Typhon – The Monstrous Dragon of Greek Mythology

41. Cinematic Legend: Vermithrax – A Cinematic Journey with Dragonslayer

42. European Elegance: Vouivre – The Dragon or Serpent of European Waters

43. Vedic Chaos: Vritra – The Serpent of Drought and Chaos in Vedic Mythology

44. Old English Echo: Wyrm – The Traditional Term for Dragon in Old English and Norse

45. Hindu Fusion: Yali – A Mythical Creature Merging Lion and Dragon in Hindu Traditions

46. Welsh Pride: Y Ddraig Goch – The Red Dragon, Symbol of Welsh Nationalism

47. Dreamtime Serpent: Yurlungur – The Mythical Snake or Dragon of Indigenous Australia

48. Slavic Mystery: Zirnitra – A Dragon or Serpent Woven into Slavic Folklore

49. Russian Trio: Zmey Gorynych – The Three-Headed Dragon from Russian Mythology

Badass Female Dragon Names

1. Celestriax (English) – A majestic and celestial dragon

2. Pyrothorn (Latin) – A dragon engulfed in relentless and scorching flames

3. Abyssianth (English) – A dragon intertwined with the mysteries of the abyss

4. Shadowyth (Latin) – A formidable and nocturnal dragon shrouded in darkness

5. Lunarae (Greek) – Inspired by Luna, the goddess of the moon and the night

6. Umbrathorn (English) – A dragon exuding darkness and an imposing presence

7. Obsidianella (Italian) – Meaning black jewel, reflecting the dragon’s allure

8. Grimclaw (English) – A fierce and dark dragon with razor-sharp claws

9. Tempestial (Latin) – A dragon embodying the tumultuous fury of storms and tempests

10. Retriburna (English) – A dragon associated with the flames of revenge and retribution

11. Mysticvenom (English) – A dragon seamlessly blending the elements of mystique and venom

12. Vorticanth (Latin) – A dragon with a swirling vortex-like aura

13. Xyrosa (English) – A uniquely mysterious dragon name, resonating with a powerful edge.

Wrap Up

Discovering the ideal name for your female dragon can be an exciting endeavor, with a myriad of captivating options to explore. Dive into the rich tapestry of myths, draw inspiration from the wonders of nature, or unleash your creativity by crafting a unique moniker. 

The world of possibilities awaits as you embark on the quest to find the perfect name for your extraordinary dragoness. May the fusion of imagination and choice lead you to a name that resonates with the essence of your special dragon companion.

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